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Some 60% of people claiming the main long-ter【一码 近义词 】m sickness benefit believe the amount of money they get is not enough to live on, according to a major new s【第一中彩民解一肖 】urvey. Labour called the findings from Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) claimants a damning indictment of the Governments treatment of sick and disabled people. Campaigners warned that c【2014白小姐马报 】laimants were struggling to stay heal【2020-55期正版跑狗图 】thy, pay bills or afford to eat even before further cuts to ESA c【2020年近期开码结果查询 】ame into effect last year. The Department for Work and Pensions said it【天空彩票与你同行百度云资源 】 did not recognise the findings and its own research showed 83% of people were 【2016年马会财经彩图 】satisfied with the benefit. The online 【得意忘形打一肖 】survey was carried out by the Disability Benefits Consortium, a national coalition of more than 80 different charities and other organ【跑狗图2o18年 】isations. Read MoreRelated ArticlesMore 【金光佛六肖 】than 180,000 people have lost disability payments because of cruel Tory benefit reforms Analysis 【类似跑狗记录命与运 】of the results shows 60% of 1,755 respondents said the amount of ESA they receive is not enough to live on. Work and Pensions【138期高清跑狗玄机图 】 Secretary Esther McVey (Image: Dan Kitwood) Labour called the findings from ESA claimants a damning indictment (Image: Rex Features) When asked about the consequences of this, 62% said they struggled to st【三毛图库官方网站 】ay healthy, 49% said they could not pay bills, 36% could not aff【2015年平特心水报 】ord tax

is to medical appointments, and 32% said they could not afford to eat. This is a damning indictment of the Governments treatment of sick and【手机报码网一现场报码 】 disabled people, said Debbie Abrahams, the shadow work and pensions secretary. It is shocking that people on ESA are struggling to afford the basics and havi【复式四肖中三肖怎么赔 】ng t【香港跑马玄机图 】o make a choice between heating or eating. If this Government is committ【香港马会和竞彩 】ed to a fairer society, they should stop trying 【一叶知秋打一生肖 】to rebuild the economy off the backs of poor, sick and disabled people. ESA is the m【2017第53期管家婆彩图 】ai【圖中必中特打一肖 】n long-term sickness benefit, pay【2020年四肖中特中国梦 】ing 2.4 million people a minimum of 73.10 a week. Last April, ministers int

roduced a 30-a-week cut for new claimants in the so-called E【管家香港马会开将直摇 】SA Wrag group - those who had been fou【2019求馨星单双四肖网站 】nd not fit for work, but who may be in the future. Kevin Stannard, 62, from Colchester, was made redundant from a blind-fitting firm he worked【30期神算孑特马一肖中特 】 for for 40 years in 2010 after his Parkinsons symptoms stopped him working. He and his wife Ama【74166com香港马会资料 】nda said they faced a horrendous four years in the ESA Wrag gr【一六一九常出来打一肖 】oup before being moved into the support group in 2016. We couldnt afford to pay bills or buy food, o【7459com生财有道图库i 】ne claimant said (Image: Rex) We couldnt afford to pay bills or buy food, so we were forced to live off credit cards the whole time and were still payin

g them off now, Mrs Stannard sai【2020年46期蛇蛋图 】d. It got to the p【查新跑狗玄机图 】oint that we were going to lose the roof over【开奖结果白姐玄机 】 our heads as we couldnt pay the rent. Luc【香港赛马会软件ios 】kily our local councillor stepped in to help us at that point. Th【1994年属什么生肖的 】e whole process of ESA

is so confu【新版跑狗图137期玄机图 】sing. I took it on because it was too difficult for Kevin to deal with alongside his Parkinsons. But the stress of it all led to me having a stroke, w【3d图谜钟表玄机图022期 】hich means Ive also had to give up work, an【跑狗图全真人 】d I noticed a decline in Kevins health to【理财婆图库 】o. We were never informed of any changes to the support that Kevin would receive so【lh77686惠泽社群 】 it came as a complete shock and, despite in the end the Department for Work and Pensions agreeing that we were 【2020平特精版料 】right, we are still living with the consequences of that awfu【091一期另版跑狗图 】l time. Four in five claimants told the DBC su【金多宝正宗老牌资料 】rvey their fit for work tests made their health worse due【九龙报网络版 免费 】 to stress and anxiety, while 62% thought their assessor did not understand their condition. Around two-thi【3d天天彩图库 】rds of 3,530 respondents said their experience of the disability ben【2007年跑狗图47期 】efits system was bad or very bad. The consortium is due to meet Disabilities Minister Sarah Newton to raise these issues this week. They will also u【一码会员软件 】rge the Government not to scrap the support group and accept that some people will never be able to return to work. It is unacceptable that under ESA people are living with the stress of not knowing if they can afford to stay healthy, eat or pay bills, said Phil Reynolds, a DBC co-chairman and senior policy and cam【曾道人玄机藏宝图 】paigns adviser at Parkin【天下彩红姐图 】sons UK. Even more worryingly, these results are from people on the previous rate of ESA. Due to cuts, new applicants from April 2017 will receive a th【小鱼儿挂牌玄机二站 】i

rd less money, which will inevitably make it even more difficult to m【跑狗玄机论坛图 】ake ends meet. This paints a dire picture for disabled people who will also be at risk from the roll-out of Universal Credit in 2018. A DWP spokesman said: We【2006醉红颜心水论坛 】 do not recogni

se these figures. The late【2020年12期老版跑狗图 】st official research shows that 83% of ESA claimants are satisfied with their overall experience.