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Thous【九龙十码免费公开 】ands of Brits were【六开彩开奖今晚第42期 】 scrambling to get home tonight as m【141期资料跑狗图 】ore countries went into lockdown amid the coronavirus crisis. 【2020新版跑狗图76期 】Curfews and tr【马会开将记录2013 】avel restrictions were also in place globally as increasingly desperate nations tried to halt the spread of killer Covid-19. A passen

ger in the US told of “apocalyptic” scenes at airports. Airlines in Europe already reelin【今天精华布衣图库 】g from the financial blow began axing staff – with thousands already laid off.【香港管家婆2020四不像12o 】 And Brits managing to get back here were shocked at the lack of virus testing, wit【管家婆论坛有没有啊 】h one saying: “They couldn’t care less.” Another said: “People from Milan are just rolling through Gatwick without even a temperature check. I have to laugh or I might bawl.” Australia, New Zealand, America and Hong Kong have all begun limiting flights to the UK. Almost five million Brits live abroad while an estimated 350,000 are currently away on holidays. Millions more have had their Easter and summer school vacations ruined as borders shut across Europe – which is now the heart of the global pandemic. Thousands of Brits scrambling to get home amid coronavirus fears (Image: Joe ROSENGARTEN/AFP via

Getty Im) Rea【鸩狰御魂二四六 】d MoreRelated ArticlesCo【香港今期跑狗图 】rona【香港马会15o期挂牌 】virus: Football stars want to play season to a finish insists Asmir B【金年历史图1一150 】egovic Read MoreRelated ArticlesUK coronavirus Brit heroes who are sprea【2020年55期四不像玄机图 】ding

kindness at time of Covid-19 crisis The US yesterday became the 41st nation the Foreign Office has advised against “all but essent【二四六八有钱出生肖 】ial travel” to. It came af

ter President Trump extended his travel ban on Europe’s 26-nation Schengen area t

o the UK and Ireland. Jonathan Evans, from S【2020跑跑狗玄机图 】wansea, was among Brits trying to get home. The marketing executive, 39, is trying to resched【二四六香港资 】ule a flight from New York, de【奇人偷码料六肖中特 】sperate to reach his elderly parents. He sa【3d首奖玄机图解码 】id: “Obviously, mum and dad need to be isolated. But I want to be on hand. If the Government is to place anyone over 70 in isolation, I need to be there in case they need anything.” US airports have struggled to cope since Mr Trump’s ban – with travellers waiting up to nine hours to be screened bef【2012波色表 】ore passing through customs. Airline 【最准一肖特 】passengers wearing face masks leave Heathrow (Image: Getty Images) Passengers on board an American Airlines airplane from Heathrow Airport (Image: 【118香港图库香 】@TURNTHE【新铁算盘405222 】PAIGEH via REUTERS) Read

MoreRelated ArticlesCoronavirus UK crisis to last 12 months with 8m in hospital, says leaked document Paige Hardy, a【六合皇系列03 】 US student who left London, 【999234彩霸王综合资料 】said she was greeted with chaotic scenes at Dallas, saying: “It truly felt like an apocalyptic scenario【管家婆八肖实战篇 】.” American Airlines, the world’s big

gest carrier, says it plans to cut 75% of its international flights until May 6. Delta and United have also cancelled thousands of flights. Yesterday, British airline Jet2 began stopping all flights to Lyon, Grenoble, Paris and Nice due to travel restrictions imposed by France. The firm was today flying customers back via Paris and Nice but warned they were the last flights from Paris until April 26 and Nice until May 4. On Saturday, Jet2 planes bound for Spain had to make U-turns after travel bans. Ryanair Grou【深圳红姐统一彩图 】p Airlines, including Buzz and Lauda, has also been forced to reduce flights to and from the same areas of Spain until midnight on Thursday. Tourists gather at a bus station for services towards the air【最新151六开彩图香港图 】port in Barcelona (Image: Getty Images) And hundreds of Brits are believed to be stranded amid claims Ryanair passengers were unable to re-book flights. Norwegian Air yesterday laid off 5,000 staff, having said i

t would cancel more than 4,000 flights. And Scandinavian carrier SAS axed 10,000 temporarily – 90% of its staff. The UK Civil Aviation Authority’s Richard Moriarty said: “This is the most challenging period for aviation we have witn【跑狗论坛四肖三期必出 】essed. The threat to survival of some businesses is 【两波色单四肖双肖 】real.” Passengers returning here yesterday slammed the “zero checks” at Heathrow, Manchester and Gatwick airports. David Unesc【夕阳西下打一肖 】o tweeted: “Been in Manila, temp【亚视报码直播室 】erature taken 2 times a day. Flew back to Manchester and wasn’t a single check. They couldn’t care less.” And Arj Naik added: “Landed in Manchester from Barcelon【二四六天空网兔费资料 】a not seen o【t345cc天空彩开奖结果 】ne corona sign or been asked where I have travelled, no temperature check.” Planes stay grounded in Hong Kong Interna【九龙彩色印刷图库百度 】tional Airport due to Coronavirus outbreak (Image: Kevin On Man Lee/Penta 【平码三中三高手论坛 】Press/Shutterstock) Read MoreRe

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Saturday with 5,700 people infected and 120 deaths. Streets we【赌皇牛哥官网9334 】re almost de【大陆专用通天报彩图 】ser【2019年114期六合四不像 】ted yesterday with masked police telling peop【2020管家婆彩图马 】le to go home – and even using a drone to blare out the message at a popular spot in Madrid. Spain was the second European nation to adopt extreme mea【管家婆116期马经字谜 】sures, following Italy – the worst-hit country outside China with 17,000 cases and 1,000 deaths. Pope Francis h

eld services at the Vatican yesterday without the faithful attending, in a move that was believed to be unprecedented. France is also in lockdown with all non-essential public locations closed. It

has also shut ski resorts and efforts to repatriate 30,000 Brits were under way amid alerts of “widespread failures” in the travel sector. Pope Francis held a service yesterday - but people didnt show up (Image: VATICAN MEDIA HANDOUT/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock) Germany will impose temporary controls on its borders with France, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark and Luxembourg today. Austria has banned gatherings of more than five and Denmark has shut its borders, while Poland plans to shutter at midnight. Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineBoris Johnson has coronavirusMeghan Harry LA move mocks pledgeGirl, 16, becomes youngest

to dieMum and son found d【2017年老版跑狗图124期 】ead at home In China, where the outbreak started in Wuhan city, officials t【二四六权威308资料大全 】ightened restrictions on arrivals in Beijing to cut imported cases. And 300 passengers on a Dubai-bound Emirates jet had to get off in In【全网最早无错36码原创 】dia after a Britis

h national tested positive for Covid-19. Meanwhile, 682 mostly British passengers and 381 crew remain stranded on the Braemar cruise ship in the Caribbean after five passenger【117期管家婆心水图 】s tested positive. Owner Fred Olsen 【62期跑狗高清析版 】sa【自白姐玄机平特 】id 19 more passengers and 16 crew are now in isolation with flu-like symptoms【舞线摇丝向昔人打一肖 】.