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Mood: Hi-tech LED bulbs have been fitted to create ambient lighting (Image: BPM) He admitted he would struggle to know how much he has spent transforming his 1930s house – but the technology does not come cheap。



Future: He has transformed his house into a state-of-the-art smart home (Image: BPM) What’s more, he says it makes life easier and brings huge savings in energy costs。


Hi-tech LED bulbs have been fitted to create ambient lighting; the gates of his house can be opened and closed, and Mr Neale can even listen in to rooms in his house via microphones if his security alarm is activated, to decide whether there is a intruder or it has been set off accidentally。



“There’s some really clever additional stuff that the lighting systems can do。

He says: “I have now reached the stage where the lighting is pretty much all over the house but it is a massive investment to do just that。


越南和日本都是《全面与进步跨太平洋伙伴关系协定》 (CPTPP)的成员。

He says only about 20 per cent of things that could currently be connected to the internet are, so there is massive scope。

Remote: Potentially, the house can be controlled from hundreds of miles away (Image: BPM) “But from what I see on TV I think it is now trendy to be a geek。