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WASHINGTON (Re【蠢打一生肖 】uters) - U.S. wholesale prices outside of food and fuel rose at the fastest pace in six months in July as costs for 【67244 com香港赛马会 】tobacco and light trucks jumped, but weak consumer demand was seen keeping inflation in【白小姐救世民第一板 】 check at the factory gate. A model holds an unlit cigarette in her mouth backstage before the Zang Toi Spring 2011 collection during New York Fashion Week 【2020年平特一肖成语 】September 15, 2010. REUTERS/Eric ThayerBoth producer and consumer inflation rose earlier this year as food and energy prices rose as revolutions in【2o丨7年马会跑狗图 】 the Middle East pushed up oil prices, but underlying or core inflation, excluding food and energy costs, remained subdued. The Federal Reserve, which focuses on core inflation t【家中宝心水论坛 】rends, last week pro【先锋总刚B 】mised to keep inter【管婆四肖图期期准 】est rates near zero for the next two years to stimulate growth, saying t

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ok for inflation over the medium-term 【2020年015期3d玄机解图 】was subdued. The Labor Department s【雄霸兽坛自称王打一肖 】aid on Wednesday its s【香港开奖现场直播123开奖记录 】easonally adjusted index for prices paid at the farm and factory gate, excluding food and energy, rose 0.4 percent — the largest increase since January — after rising 0.3 percent in June. Economists, who had expected

a 0.2 percent rise last month in the so-called core rate, said July’s gain should【2020白小姐最精准93期 】 not alter the Federal Reserve’s prediction of low inflation in the near-term. In the 12 months to July, core producer prices increased 2.5 percent, the largest rise since June 2009, but producers’ pricing power is limited by a 9.1 percent

unemployment rate. “There is a high level of unemployment and low level of capacity utilization, said Christopher Probyn, chief economist at State Street Global Advisors in Boston. “I don’t think that the U.S. economy is 【小鱼儿13723金牌四肖 】in a position to generate a sust【香港赛马会群英论坛 】ained acceleration i【2017_O97期新版跑狗图 】n inflation. Overall producer prices were bumped up by food costs, which rose 0.6 percent as potatoes r【六开彩报码库108期 】ecorded their biggest increase in almost a year. Gasoline prices, however, 【六开彩下载安装 】fell 2.8 percent. In the 12 months to July, producer prices rose 7.2 p

ercent after increasing 7.0 p【一句爆中平特 】ercent the prior month. The rise was a

bove eco【彩富网香港马会 】nomists’ expectations 【866766慈善网资料 】for a 7.0 perc【买最机灵的动物打一肖 】ent advance. U.S. financial markets,【香港2020一068跑狗图 】【香港赛马会小马哥 】 which are more concerned about the possibility of ano【香港赛马具体时间 】ther recession, were little moved by the producer inflation data on Wednesday. U.S. technology shares ended down after a disappointing sales outlook from computer maker Dell. 【新版跑狗百万文字论沄 】Prices for U.S. government

debt rose, while the dollar fell broadly. FED UNDER POLITICAL PRESSURE While the Fed’s forecasts for subdued inflation have so【2020白小姐81期跑狗图 】 far proved correct, despite ultra-easy monetary policy, the U.S. central bank has suddenly come under harsh scrutiny from Republican campaigners for the 2012 presidential nomination who worry t【一肖图像中特资料 】hat near ze

ro interest rates and the Fed’s lack of transparency are a threat to national economic stability. Related CoverageInstant view: July co【pc加拿大28开奖记录m.99yuce.com 】re producer prices accelerateTexas Governor Rick Perry even suggested on Monday that Chairman Ben Bernanke’s policies could be considered “treasonous if the Fed “prints more money between now and the election in November 2012. The Fed has injected about $2.3 trillion into the economy through purchases of government and agency debt since late 2008, measures intended to increase credit avail【19年第52期跑狗图随便说说 】ability, but that some see as setting the stage for future inflation. Criticism of the Fed’s policies 【年翡翠欲钱料 1-期 】is also comi【2017第47期跑狗图 】ng from wit【公司账很乱要不要离职 】hin. Dallas Fed President Richard Fisher

said that whil【普京赌侠2020正版 】e he had no immediate concerns about inflation, further monetary easing against the backdrop of a big budget 【香港慈善网玄机解三肖 】deficit would be unwise. “I believe what is restraining our econo【今天特马是哪个数字 】my is not moneta【香港马会官网开奖结 】ry policy but fiscal misfeasance in Washington, Fisher said at a community forum in Texas. TOBACCO PRICES【2020今晚什么码 】 SURGE Consume【胡子长的动物打一肖中特开奖 】r inflation data due on Thursday could shed more light on the inflation picture. The core consumer price index is expected have risen 0.2 percent, slowing from June’s 0.3 percent increase. The economy har【2020葡京赌侠正版资料 】dly【2020年正宗神童输尽光 】 grew in the first half of 2011, but there are signs demand is picking up moderately. Ta【3D2018开奖记录 】rget Corp reported a bigger-than-【香港6合总彩开奖规律 】expected rise in quarterly prof【小喜通天彩图报2020年54期 】it and forecast a more profitable year than analysts were anticipating. Other【2017年2月香港开奖日期 】 retailers, such as BJ’s Wholesale

Club and Staples reported results that surpassed expec【十二生肖天才打一肖 】tations. However, cost pressures in the pip

eline are abating, with the core index for intermediate goods rising by the least amount since September. But some economists cautioned that regardless of anemic demand, the Fed could find itself with an inflation problem. “Producer expenses are on the rise and while weak demand may limit pricing power, the pressure on costs will cause firms to look for any way possible to pass on those increases, said Joel Naroff, chief economist at Naroff Economic Advisors in Holland, Pennsylvania. In Wednesday’s data, tobacco costs surged 2.8 percent, the largest increase since March 2009, and accounted for a nea

rly a quarter of the rise in the monthly core PPI rate. Economists said the jump was likely seasonal and expected a moderation in the coming months. General 【717777王的妃子一肖1 】Motors assembly workers Monique Watson (L) and Evetta Osborne install an electric battery on the underside of a 2011 Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle at the Detroit-Hamtramck Assembly plant in Hamtramck, Michigan November 30, 2010. REUTERS/Rebecca CookLight truck

prices increased 1.0 percent, still reflecting the lingering effects of disruptions to production caused by the March earthquake in Japan. However, motor v【543跑狗图 】ehicle production r

eb【马会2020输尽光 】ounded strongly in July, whi

ch sho【2017六开彩80期 】uld he【二四六l35期玄机资料 】lp to ease th【洞一肖中特 】e price pressure.