88期六开彩白小姐 -Britain's Got Talent's Richard Jones and Boogie Storm make Saturday night's final after shock split decision

Britains Got【富贵三肖六码免费公开 】 Talent magician Richard Jones and Simon Cow【香港老奇人必中三肖 】ells Golden Buzzer act Boogie Storm have made Saturdays final. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of Read MoreRelated ArticlesBritains Got Talent finalists revealed , Dan【zl246天天好采彩免费大全 】ny Dyer sound-a-like Wayne Woodward and sword swallowing Alex Magala, nine more acts took to the 【无字天书三十五打一肖 】stage on Tuesday night, but so【中码堂12255跑狗论坛 】ldier Richard and the dancing Stormtro【马会四不像玄机图 免费 】opers were victorious. There was a co【2020财经四肖四码 】ntroversial split decision at the end of the show, which saw 14-year-old Jack Higgins voted off after Simon and 【2020 20期特码 】Amanda Holden chose Boogie Storm. Video Loading【2020年买马最准的资料44 】Video UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start 【2020生肖灵马表 】in8CancelPlay now Earlier in the 【白小姐六资料大全2016 】evening, the shows winner Jones, who is a soldier in the British army, really earned his【3d图库太湖 】 victory by impressing the judges with real magic. Befo【88期东成西就必中8码 】re performing, the 25-year-old explained: I just love the look on peoples faces when they see something th【蚂蚁手打论坛 】at shouldnt be possible. I know the British Army are behind me, I just hope tonight I 【管家婆挂牌正版彩图一百度 】can conjure up a winning【郑州市有哪些三甲医院 】 performance. The judges were left stu【2016年第148期玄机图 】nned as Jones performed a trick using Holdens autobiograph【真正的马会官方网站 】y. Richard Jones performs as great trick on Britains Got Talent (Image: ITV) He asked Dixon to choose a page and a word, and then made that exact page appear as a message in【平特连尾 】 a bottle which had been guarded by Cowell.【2020 期另版跑狗图 】 Walliams said: Well it was absolutely astonishing. We had absolutely no ide【手机版香港马报旺角 】a how you did that. A brilliantly original trick. Holden was also wowed, telling him: I really really want to see you in the final. You fought for this country. The whole nation is behind you... its not【王中王三肖中特第19期 】 a trick, its magic. Cowell added: You, sir, are a wizard. That has to be magic. He then embarrassed h【94期特码资料 】is fellow judge by reading out an embarrassing passage from 【王中王铁算盘111期推荐 】her autobiography, 2013s No Holding Back: My Story. Richard Jones on Britains Got Talent (Image: ITV) Cowells Golden Buzz【高清跑狗图最新 】er act, a group of disco-da【香港最快开奖现场直播香港最快奖结 】ncing Star Wars Stormtroopers, left their top supporter grinning ear-to-ear. After they danced to a medley of Michael Jackson, Sir T【2020每期藏宝玄机图 】om Jones and even Swan Lake, Cowell said: We are possibly looking at the winners of Britains Got Talent 2016. He added: I absolutely love whatever

you are. I know that we cant talk to each other, I know that you can【卡通动画狗奔跑连续图 】t talk b

ack to me. As I said in the 【2017_137期跑狗图 】auditions, I have literally waited all my life to see this. .. this is w【一平特肖平尾 】hat were looking for, this is what the royal family want. Boogie Storm give it thei

r all (Image: ITV) Walliams begrudgingly agreed, saying: It【好运气平特 】s so annoying, because it was actually bril【阁引宵云打一肖 】liant. It is annoying because he is so smug right now... I hate to say it but I think this act is going t【2020跑狗图57期图纸 】o go far. Dixon was the only one to sound a note of caution, telling Cowell the act was entertaining but adding: I think y

oure getting a bit carried away with that one. Gavin from Flying Bebop (Image: ITV【香港赛马会公开二肖 】) Elsewhere Flying Bebops space-themed drone-dancing performance to Coldplays A Sky Full Of Stars led to some left-field advice from Cowell. He said: It was so much better than the first time we saw you in the auditions. I normally find these things annoyin【一喝一合打一肖 】g so I think you have done a good service by making it so lik【233jkcom手机最快开奖 】eable. He suggested that to take the act to the next level, the drones should be piloted by mice. Video L

oadingVideo UnavailableClick to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now The other judges found the act more exciting as it was, with Walliams saying: It was magnificent. You are such a【牛鬼蛇神--打一生肖 】 star. A

nd t【四不像特马图 】hese little friends you have are wo


.. kids are going to absolutely love it, 【东方心经148期马报图 】so well done. Holden said:【管家婆灵码报B(新图) 】 I feel like weve had a glimpse into the future. It was magical and enchanting. The next act was Morgan Connie Smith, and her song choice immedi【滕州木石凤翔小镇规划 】ately pleased Cowell as she performed her version of One Directions hit single History. Also performing big vocals on the night were Read MoreRelated ArticlesSimon Cowell angers Britains Got Talent viewers by branding Zyrah Rose untouchable but like the te【今晚上买什么特2020 】enager the singers also faile【新曾道玄机图2020 】d to get through. Poor Jack Higgins - will he return? (Image: ITV) At the end of the show, viewer【必出美女四肖图 】s【6oo19球世一肖中特 】 were left hoping that Jack would return as a wild card act for Saturdays grand finale. Despite performing a powerfu【017白小姐期玄机图 】l contemporary dance to Im Alive by Sia as the last act, jack narrowly lost out. The routine ear【天空彩票wap简介 】ned him a standing ovation from all four judges, with Cowell saying: I am very, very proud of you. Higgins had told the judges during his audition that he had been bullied for his love of dance. Cowell said: You came back tonight with a track that lyrically was so perfect for you. Walliams said: You are the real life Billy Elliot. Ive said it before and Ill say it again. The teenager told Ant and Dec: It just felt incredible. I cant even get me words out, it was just a dream come true. Will he return as the wild card【2020新跑狗图60期高清 】?

* Britains Got Talent live semi finals return on W【请查看2020年开奖记录 】ednesday and【2014年特码一肖公式 】 Thursda【年跑狗图013期 】y at 7.30pm on ITV View gallery