双袖龙钟泪不干打一肖 Jenson Button hoping McLaren will come good after overcoming early teething problems in testing

Jenson Button admitted McLare【香港全年资枓大全2020挂牌 】n are struggling to fully understand this year’s car. And the 33-y

ear-old revealed that the winners of the final two races of last season are prepared to take the pain of being less competitive in the new car than the old at the opening round in 26 days time because the MP4-28 has more development potential over【绝杀三肖图库 】 a long 【二四六出彩直播 】season. The 2009 champion was speaking the night before the final day of the second test in Ba【码一句解平特肖 】rcelona and after days in whic

h the car, on the time sheets at least, looked respectably competitive. There remains just one more test, in a week’s time at the same circuit, for McLaren to radica【买挂历打一生肖 】lly lift their 【c香港赛马会官网 】fortunes. But Button said【得过且过做好人打一肖 】 that McLaren had opted for a radical new design【香港彩合彩资料 】 rather than a more modes【2020年胶南隐珠招工信息 】t development of the cu

rrent car because it would bring greater gains as the season progressed. Its been a very difficult few t【2020今日闲情图 】est days for me in te【郑州有多少家装饰公司 】rms of mileage, said Button. Its been v【管家婆一句话赢钱决188 】ery tricky to understand where the car is【综合资料 】:

at times the car feels good, at other times it doesnt. “And a lot of that is basically understanding the car that we ha【什么动物天下无双打一生肖 】ve and making sure it【133期四不像一肖中特图大公开 】s work【2019年116期正版马会传真 】ing as we expect it to be working. Some of the time that hasnt been the case so thats why its【二四六天天好彩944cc246天天醉酒 】 been a tricky winter so far. “But as you can see there are times when the cars working pretty 【三肖六码01期 】well. Today on hards I did a 22.8 which I dont【马会波色资料图片 】 think is a bad lap with the fuel that we had on board, and ob【双子兄弟传说免费下载 】viously Checo did a 21.8 on softs yesterday which is also 【114期:香港挂牌【破解四不像】一肖一码 】a pretty good lap. At Jer【马会原创资料 308k.com 】ez we showed pace, we also showed that we didnt have pace at 【wps进销存管理系统 】other times. “We dont know where we are an

d theres no point trying to compare ourselves to other people.【董少爷和白小姐电视剧在线观看 】 Weve got to sort out our own issues and get the best out of the

car tha【特的计算方法 】t we have. Asked if he therefore thought the team were behind on their testing schedule he replied: “In terms of laps completed and the testing 【149跑狗论坛 】that I have achieved, yes, I think were behind on that. “And a lot of it has been because wev【蓝景丽家大钟寺店客服 】e been doing certain tests that have taken a bit longer than we wanted and as soon as o

ne chang【跑狗吧解图 】e takes longer it

rolls into the next change and then its lunchtime. So most of our te

sting is done in the afternoon these days! So its no【135期马会生活幽默玄机 】t been perfect and we know weve got a lot of work to do in terms of spending more time out on the circuit【六开彩2017历史开奖记录 】 and understanding the car. Button’s fears that th【绝对四码中特 】e f【六开彩五行2o18对照表 】inal day would be hindered by rain proved correct but the track tried out after an early fall and the 33-year-old【我看生肖四不像 香港 】’s thoughts were 【黄大仙黑版救世主 】a【二五布阵九聽從猜一肖 】lready movi【下载白小姐玄机网 】ng ahead to t

he final test starting on February 28. I am really looking forward to a good test next week in Barcelona as I dont feel 【二0一七年葡京赌侠 】that we have been able to do enough to really understand the car and where we are with the car, he added. 【精准九肖中特官方网站 】2013 is

a【2019年246天天好彩玄机图 】 very interesting season. Obviousl【今晚特马什么波色 资料 】y with minimal regulation changes if we starte

d with last years car we could have ha【曰行千里未知倦打一肖 】d a very

good car at the first race. “But after two or three races you would realise you are at the end of the development c【真假猴王闹东海猜一肖 】urve. “For us it was important to change the development of the car so we could see【27期一肖中特四不像图 】 a new direction in terms of development throughout the year. “And its a long season - 19 races – so its about being strong over the whole season and not just th【2016年白小姐 】e first couple of races.” I am still hoping we are competitive in Melbourne. Its a circuit I love and we have been competitive before the last few years. “So I hope were strong there, but t

heres a possibility that teams that kept the same car as last year and just developed it could【老跑狗图78期 】 also be strong. If there was one ray of sunshine for Mc【1396免费资料公开 】Laren it was 【2020五十七期跑狗图 】t【下山狂吼兽中王打一生肖 】hat predi【雨神黄大仙 】ctions the field has cl【香港赛马会_最快6肖王 】osed appear to be spot on. Different cars are quick at different times and it depends on what tyre you use, and how much fuel you use. I dont think there is one standout team

at the moment, added【老板跑狗玄机图2018 】 Button.