台湾风姐心水论坛一 /Renault shares slump as profit warning deepens carmaker's problems

P【香港马会正版挂牌信息 】AR【中金心水论坛首页 】IS (Reu【后肖有几个 】ters) - A profit w【2020全年跑狗图003期 】arning sent Renault’s (RENA.PA) shares as much as 15% lower on Friday, capping a turbulent yea

r for the French carmaker since t【香港新报ab跑狗图 】

he arrest of long-time boss 【2016年148期特码资料 】Carlos Ghosn and adding to signs of a

sha【跑狗社区跑狗专区 】rp global auto industry slowdown. Renault and Nissan (7201.T) both announced leade

rship changes last week, seeking to reboot their alliance which was thrown into 【仙人指路开奖结果一当中特 】crisis last year by the arrest of Ghosn in Tokyo on financial misconduct charges, which he denies. But the companies are struggling amid a global slowdown and a 【香港慈善网玄机解肖 】fall in emerging market demand, with pressures also coming from t【最新正版波色生肖网 】ougher emissions regulations in Europe and the【香港赛马会玄机一点通 】 need to invest in electric and self-driving technologies.  Riv【246天天好彩资料大全正版下载安装 】als including Daimler (DAIGn.D【香港正板马会一肖中特 】E)【新版跑狗图 2020 更新 网址 】 and French Peugeot-maker PSA (PEUP.PA) are

set to add to the picture next week in sales updates, while Swedish tru【台湾有赛马会吗 】ckmaker Volvo【香港档案二码中特 】 (VOLVb.

ST) on Friday reported a sharp drop in orders. Renault said late on Thursday that sales were likely to drop between 3% and 4% this ye

ar, compared with its previous forecas【2017年127期跑狗组图 】t for a similar outcome 【今期跑狗玄机图2017年119期 】to 2018. It blamed difficulties in Argentina and Turkey in particular. The company also said its operating margin was set to come in at 5%, versus a pr【沈阳111中学要被合并 】evious 6% goal【全网平特统计 】, as it struggles to 【白小姐神算三肖三码 】keep a lid on research and development costs. Analysts, who said they had expected sales targets to be revised, added that the margin guida【淘园论坛第96期高清跑狗图 】nce, equivalent to a steeper-than-expected 500 millio【2020老跑狗图彩图大全 】n to 600 million e【农村神童四肖 】uro cut to Renault’s operating pro【跑狗图论坛提供高清跑狗玄机图新 】fit, was the main shock. “Renault guiding down for the 【马会权威彩经书 】full year should not be a major 【查锻炼打一生肖 】surprise, although the magni【解说跑狗图诗句005期 】tude is, analysts at Jefferies said in a note. FILE PHOTO: The logo of

French car manufacturer Renault is seen at a dealership of the company in Bordeaux, France, June 12, 2019./File PhotoRenau【2020年手机看开码开奖 】lt shares dropped to a six year low of 46.7 euros and at 0955 GMT were down 12.3% at 48.11

euros. 【正版通天通报图库2017 】 FIAT LOGIC While Renault is not alone in suffering from an auto market downturn, its capacity to react was also thrown off kilter by the Ghosn turmoil, with industrial projects planned with Nissan placed on the backburner. 【6合绝杀 】【老跑狗图彩图片2017年 】 In its latest management revamp, sealed last week, Re【新叛跑狗完整编 】nault ousted G【天线宝宝六肖图片 】ho【2016新版东方心经 】sn protege【白小姐资料管家婆玄机图 】e Thierry Bollore as CEO and appointed financial chief Clotilde Delbos in the interim, billing the changes as a reset for the alliance. Nissan also has new f【期期准三肖中特 】aces at the helm【2016年150玄机图 】. Delbos said on T

hursday the two groups would【管家婆彩图图库大全 】 now be able to focus on ways to

cut costs after the shake-up, though the w【六开彩大赢家论坛 】orsening backdrop for carmakers adds urgency for the alliance. “Needless to say that this profit warning comes at a time of 

major instability at Renault and its partner Nissan, analysts at Evercore said【香港挂牌彩图 正版2020年107期 】 in a note. Carmakers also face billions of euros in fines if they fail to com【2008tk百合图库 https 】ply with EU emi

ssions targets by 2021. FILE PHOTO: Ne

wly-appointed interim CEO Clotilde Delbos and Chairman of Renault SA Jean-Dominique Senard pose before a news conference at Frenc【西青盛和嘉园二手房信息 】h carmaker Renault headquarte【精准平特三中三 】rs in Boulogne-Billancourt, near Par【彩网济公三肖八码 】is, France,【香港118挂牌玄机新图!. 】 October 11, 2019. REUTERS/Charles Platiau/File PhotoMany are behind the scenes thinking of further tie-ups with rivals to face these challenges, according to industry sources. Renault has said in recent weeks that a failed deal with Fiat Chrysler (F【跑狗图彩图每期自动更新 】CHA.MI), which with【香港马会大全注册 】drew a merger offer in June, was not at present on the agenda. Delbos said on Thursday that the logic

of su【管家婆香港开奖结果特马 】ch a transaction was 【手机看电视免费的软件 】“【2020年正版牛头报彩图 】as attractive as before.