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A widows online lover Kevin actually turned out to be a cruel con by a gang of fraudsters who duped her out of 40,000. Di Pogson, 57, decided to get back into dating after losing her husband, Ian, of nearly 30 ye【2016马会全年资料大全正版 】ars suddenly in July 2014. Af【2013跑狗图高清彩图 】ter years of grieving, Di decided to 【际打一肖 】join a dating site in late 2016, where she was swept off her feet by a jet-setting businessman called Kevin Thompson. He purported to be a fellow【665012香港马会 】 widower in his fifties based in London - and Di felt an instant connection with him. Believing he un【东方心经100图库2020 】derstood the pain of losing a cherished partner, as they exchanged messages and spoke on the phone, they grew clos【2013年开奖记录 】er until Di, of Holmfirth, West Yorkshire, genuinely believed she had found love. But, once he had gained her trust, ‘Kevin’ began to ask her for money, fabricating all sorts of reasons from having a vets bill to pay to being stuck abroad with an unusable debit card to wheedle cash from her. Convinced he was genuine and would repay her, Di agreed – until his web of lies began to unravel with 【白小姐三码中特网 】alarming consequences. (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesBogus psychiatrist with no qualifications treated 164 patients at NHS trust The police became involved - discovering that Kevin Thompson was a false profile, set up by a gang consisting of ringleaders Yaw Sarpong, 22, Nicholas Adade, 23 and Eric Ocansey, 35, and more peripheral members Obed Addo, 37, and Daniel Keh, 25. Speaking out after the con artists were convicted for their crimes at Guildford Crown Court, Di now wants to raise awareness of dating scams to protect othe

r vulnerable people from f【罗大仙六肖中大奖 】alling foul of them. She said: “For a long time, I felt so stupid. I’m a grown woman – how on earth had I been conn【131期跑狗图吧 】ed like this? People may read this and think it would never happen to them, but until youve been in this situation, you dont know. “But Kevin truly led me to believe that he loved me, that we’d be together. I was in a vulnerable state then, having lost Ian, and I wanted and needed to be loved. “Whenever I did start asking questions, he would turn it round on me and make me feel guilty. It was incredibly manipulative. “I can’t go back and undo anything though, and I refuse to let this eat me up, or they win all over again. Now, I just want to help other people and to warn them to be wary online.” Di, who is retired, was approaching her 30th wedding anniversary when Ian suddenly became unwell, developing difficulty walking. He was taken to hospital and given a CT scan, which initially a【香港理财婆图 】ppeared fine – only for him to rapidly decline just hours later. (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesDozens of couples conned out of hundreds of pounds by missing wedding planner She recalled: “He had the sca【香港149期跑狗玄机图 】n, and I saw him 【tiebabaidu571480541 】that evening. I left the hospital at about 7pm on July 22 and he seemed relatively fine. “Then, my 【欲钱买中国电信打一肖 】phone rang when I was back home at about 9pm. It was someone from the hospital telling me to come back. “By the time I got there, Ian was dead. He’d died of an undetected embolism, which is when the arteries get blocked by something like a blood clot or air bubble. “It was horrendous. The scan being fine had almost lulled me into a false sense 【香港最准马报彩图 】of security.” In October 2016, Di

began to think about companionship and how much she missed it. She added: “It wasn’t necessarily about relationships. I just wanted a f

riend – someone to go for meals or to the cinema with.” So, sh【马会现场搅珠实录 】e joined an online dating site and, before long, she came across the profile of Kevin Thompson, who presented himself as a well-to-do businessman. “He wasn’t what I’d call drop dead gorgeous, but he seemed like a nice, normal guy,” she said. “He told me he had a daughter, and that he had also been widowed when his wife died very suddenly. “I felt comfortable opening up to him and telling him about Ian, and the memories we had. Eric Ocansey was one of the【2016全年新跑狗玄机图 】 con men behind the plot (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesUKs w【2017年马会生肖歇后语大全 】orst benefits fraudster w

ho said dead dad was alive jailed for 5 years “He would tell me about all the places he’d been with his wife, and say he wanted to take me too. He sent me all these photos of h【新跑狗报玄机图百度了图片 】im on holiday, and I even spoke to him on the phone. “He was well-spoken and sounded completely normal – there was nothing to ring any alarm bells.” After a couple of weeks of talking, Di received a message from Kevin, claiming to have an emergency with his pet dog. She explained: “He said he was stuck abroad and that his card wouldn’t work, but that he needed 450 for an emergency vets bill, 【一一期一肖中特生肖图 】as his dog was very sick. “I’m an animal lover myself, and he made me feel so guilty. In the back of my mind, I thought, ‘Would a vet really demand money up front like that?’ “But he was so convincing, and every question I had, he came up with a plausible answer.” Convinced she was helping save the life of an innocent animal, Di transferred the cash. And, before long, more requests came through, with Kevin telling various falsehoods, each time guilt tripping her into helping. His sob s【八卦玄机开奖结果202444c○m 】tories included everything from being overseas on a business trip with a blocked card, to having to pay government taxes related to his business so he could fly back to the UK. Nicholas Adade Adu was convicted after trying to dupe Di of 40,000 (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesSerial conman jailed for defrauding his ex-girlfriend out of nearly 300,000 “Each time, the amount was【125期新版跑狗 】 around 1,000, said Di. Before I ever spoke to Kevin, I’d had a couple of spam messages from people asking for money, and each time, I saw them coming a mile off. “If only Id been as astute this time, as I do look back and feel stupid that I fell for his con. “He always had an answer, though, and he would play a lot on my guilt and self-doubt. If I questioned too much, I’d get, ‘Why don’t you trust me?’ or ‘You can’t possibly love me if you aren’t helping.’ “He made promise after promise to pay me back, too, and the way he had pr【2016香港挂牌数码最新 】esented himself, he seemed like he would be able to. By the end, it felt like I had to keep giving over money if I ever wanted to see a penny of it back – almost like I had to keep him on si【三期四肖必出刘伯温 】de until we met in person. Also, the picture Kevin painted of his glamorous life made it seem as if a few thousand pounds meant nothing to him - which Di found made it even harder to say no

. “He’d talk about his flash lifestyle, how he had a Ferrari and spent summers in Italy. He told me it was degrading that he even had to ask for money, she said. “He even【香港神童网永久免费 】 said he had【2018六开彩开奖结记录 】 written me a cheque for 60,000, which is more than I lent him, to thank me.” As Di fell deeper and deeper under Kevin’s manipulative spell, he also convinced her that he was in love with her, t【看图解码一肖一特2017 】o the point where she genuinely believed they were in a trusting relationship. Yaw Sarpong was one of the ringleaders behind the fraud plot (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesEvil killer churchward【金算盘中特高手论坛 】en had 100 future victims and was fixated with death She added: “He led me to believe we’d be together and have this【年小鱼儿跑狗图 】 idyllic life. We’d talk on the phone and he’d say he loved hearing my voice, and would ask when my birthday was, so he could send a present. “He even sent me flowers – some red roses – and would tell me he was going to get me a diamond ring. “He said he loved me, and I said it back. Now, I don’t think I did, but at the time, I genuinely believed I could.” But the illusion of romance a【94123六肖王挂牌 】nd grandeur 【2020年马报第007期资料 】Kevin had created was swiftly shattered in December 2016, when Di came down to London, believing she was going to finally meet him in person. In the weeks prior to this, nagging doubts had been mounting in her mind, but the idea of finally seeing him in the flesh – and the promise he would have a chequ【134期一波中特期期公开 】e for her – alleviated her suspicions. The plan had been for h【香香新版跑狗图 】im to m【元朗赛马会健康院約 】eet her at her hotel near Marble Arch in t【44期管家婆彩图 】he centre of the city – but he never came. She recalled: “He seemed really excited to meet me. He’d apparently been to China on business, and was flying i【白小姐铁算盘四肖中特 】n that day. He even asked me to meet him at the airport, so we’d have longer together. “In the end, we agreed to meet at my hotel. I sat in the foyer, waiting and waiting, but he never came. “It was horrendous, I felt like such an idiot. Eventually, I lost my temper and left an angry voicemail. “I didn’t hear back until the next morning. He said he’d been on a delayed flight then fallen asleep at home, but had to go straight back to China as something had gone wrong. “He even turned the voicemail back on me, calling me heartless and saying he couldn’t believe I would speak to him like that.” Di then asked if she could at least meet him to get the cheque he had promised – but yet again, he had an answer, claiming he was already back at the airport and didn’t have it with him to post. Kevin began asking Di for money for various things - including vets bills (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelat【四肖四肖八马免费公开 】ed ArticlesMum of serial conman working two jobs aged 74 after schemes left her penniless She did have his address, but he told her she wouldn’t be able to get into the property to retrieve her money. By that point, there was no doubt in her mind that something was wrong. What’s more, she was in financial dire straits, having given him a staggering 40,000 – most of which came from a loan she had taken out, on his advice, to help ease her debts. “Kevin knew about the loan – he was the one who suggested it, as I’d bee【香港福中福心水论坛 】n struggling with maxed out credit cards and being overdrawn,” she said. “He said it would be a way to clear all of that and keep myself afloat. But he took every penny.” Shortly after their doomed meeting, Kevin tried one more time to get money out of Di, telling her that once again he was stuck abroad, and would not be able to【2017年全年海峡天机诗 】 get home for Christmas. She continued: “He said his daughter would be alone, and that I was abandoning him to spend Christmas by himself. “By then, I knew something was wrong anyway – but there was also no money left to give. I couldn’t have helped him if I’d wanted to.” Shockingly, as soon as Di told Kevin she didnt have a penny to give him, he disappeared, never to message her again. But 【2018年019跑狗图 】she was not prepared to let him get away with what he had done and reported him to police. Officers then spent years tirelessly building their case, combin【不懂外语猜一肖 】g through messages, and eventually unmasking the gang behind the fake profile. Di began to think she had found love with Kevin, before the con artists plan began to u【wwwcom黄大仙三肖中特 】nravel (Image: PA Real Life) Read MoreRelated ArticlesTinder conman stole 3,000 from date after convincing her he needed new kidney It emerged there was also another victim, who had been conned out of 200,000. “One of the hardest parts was admitting to myself just how much they had taken,” said Di. “Going through the messages 【进禄乐无忧打一肖 】brought it all back – I felt so stupid. “Now, I can see that they were written by different people. You can tell by spelling mistakes. But at the time, I was convinced I had found love.” During their investigations, police also found that the address Kevin had given to Di was false, registered to a complete stranger. Finally, in July 2019, the gang appeared at Guildford Crown Court to answer for their cr【香港正版彩霸王中特网 】imes. There, a jury found Yaw Sarpong, of Hampshire, guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud by false representation, and he was jailed for 15 months. His associates Nicholas Adade Adu, of Stoke on Trent, Staffs., and Eric Ocansey, of Birmingham, pleaded guilty to the same charge. Adu was jailed for three years and seven months, while Ocansey was jailed for two years – both also receiving 14 months for money laundering, to run concurrently. Obed Addo, from Roehampton, was jailed for 21 months for money laundering, while Daniel Keh, of Enfield, north west London, was jailed for 18 months for converting criminal property and supplyin【曾道人六和彩现场报码室 】g articles to be used in fraud, plus six months for money laundering to run concurrently. Now, Di is looking ahead to rebuilding her life, and is happily in

a new relationship after meeting her current partner, who she does not wish to name, online 18 months ago. She said: “I was wary to get back o【刘佰温高手3d心水论坛 】nline, but I now know that if somebody is making excuses and putting off meeting you in person, it’s not right. Either they are messing you around – or something more. The fraudsters were convicted at Guildfords Crown Court (Image: Surrey Advertiser) Read MoreTop news stories from Mirror OnlineSnow causes treacherous conditionsBritain to rescue trapped UK citizensMiracle tot saved despite heart stoppingKobe helicopter giv

en special clearance “I can’t thank the police enough for their support. They’ve worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring these people to justice. “To anybody else out there with a suspicion, I would【2017年葡京赌侠另版 】 say report it – police can’t help you if they don’t know what’s going on. “Seeing the gan【管l家婆彩图马报128期 】g who did this in court was difficult, but I am refusing to let them win【145神算子解正卦成语ok 】. “Life is too short. Yes, I may not have the money I would have, but I’m getting by – and I’m happy, which is something you can’t buy. “It is important to be wary on the internet, and absolutely don’t give anybody money, but there are happy stories too. “I am in a great place with my partner now. After all these frogs, I have finally found my prince.” Detective Constable Rebecca Mason of Surrey Police’s Economic Crime Unit said: “I want to pay tribute to the bravery of the two victims in coming forward and working with us to bring this case to court. They have been completely determined to get closure for themselves, but also to ensure that no one else suffers as much as they have at the hands of these heartless people. “This type of crime plays mercilessly on personal emotion【极限皇码 】s. These women have gone from the high excitement of being in love to the extreme low of realising they have been victims of crime and their trust and generosity has been【辉煌三肖六码助你走进辉煌 】 completely abused. “I can’t emphasise enough, having got to know them throughout this case, that these are both intelligent, sensible women who were taken advantage of by a cunning, cruel, and highly manipulative gang of fraudsters. “It is than

ks to these women, these criminals are now behind bars and cannot hurt other people but if we can do one more positive thing – it is to spread the word on their behalf about how to st【123期特码什么时候开始 】ay safe when dating online. They don’t want anyone else to be left as financially and emotionally devastated as they have been.”